I hate feeling this way about you

April 16, 2011
By GuitarPlayer14 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
GuitarPlayer14 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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I honestly need to hate you
But, I couldn't if I tried.
No matter how many times you've hurt me,
I wouldn't care and I don't know why.

You say you don't feel the same and
You say you've got a girlfriend.
But, trust me, please? I'm begging you! 
I'll catch you in the end.

If I had known, 
That would have been awkward
'Cause I've liked you since last year.

My friend told you,
You didn't feel the same,
and I felt like I'd shed a tear.

Now, things are a lot different.
Now, I barely even see you.
But, when I do, I want to hide
and anger builds up inside of me 
and I cry 'cause I can never feel the same as you do.

Things would be easy
If I didn't like you.
I wouldn't be writing this poem 
but I have nothing better to do.

Now, you don't want to talk.
Now, you're avoiding me.
But, I don't care and you didn't care at FIRST but I can barely even see.

Why did you write on my facebook?
Why did you even care?
I never cared about you or anyone else until you made that dare.

I still don't understand.
I still don't know what to do.
'Cause every time I want to stop,
I keep thinking about you.

Some day, you'll be the past.
Some how, I'll get over this.
I really hope that when I finally let go,
You'll be something I'll hardly miss.

Letting go is hard for me.
Though, you are making me insane.
For you it isn't that hard, yes,
because you do not feel the same way.

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