Shed A Tear For The End

June 17, 2008
By Breanna Rhodes, Westlake, OH

Heartbeat by heartbeat,
Inhale by exhale,
Every second of every breath,
And one day breathing will fail.
Vanishing is only protection,
Wishing is only defense,
Preying through problems,
It makes no sense.
If you only think in your head,
How far can you get,
Before the words explode,
And you repair your debts.
Keeping your secrets,
Hushing your friends,
But you never know when the world ends.
Standing at the end,
Staring at the beginning,
But everyone knows,
In this game,
There is no winning.
When love turns to lust,
And fire burns to dust,
That is when you know the end is coming,
And it’s not going to stop.
For you its coming,
So have no fear,
A long life,
Never once shed a tear.
But now you cry,
Because the end is near,
So as your last words,
You shed a tear.

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