Reflections on my current state and childhood

June 17, 2008
A girl,
By her 21st century surroundings,
And remnants of a fragmented past.
Old photographs from extravagant parties;
Hazy light hitting olive skin peppered with freckles and skin bared in the modern fashion trapped by the quick flash of a disposable camera.
She sits now amid the sober light of reality.
Her once lean frame bulky from the weight of work and solitude.
She puffs on a cigarette, inhaling deeply in the frail hope of sucking some life from the chemicals and tobacco packaged neatly into a handy, easy to hold tube.
“I know I will posses your heart” whispers a voice from her radio.
She sighs in the manner of one no longer overcome by any fantasy lifestyle
Reality can be so sobering.
It is only in ones extreme youth that they will experience a sense of blissful, penetrating happiness
But a dog barks and a bird whistles.
A reminder that her surroundings are soaked in budding life.
College is ahead.
Perhaps she will become something…
In the meantime the microwave beeps as she heats up a dinner of frozen pees and MTV.

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