Child Abuse. Will you let it continue?

June 17, 2008
By Jessica Diaz, Santa Ana, CA

They gave her hope that she could carry on

And tricked her into believing

That she would have help to stand strong.

All she wanted was to feel safe,

To know that her parents loved her

But no, she had to face reality.

She lived everyday paying the consequence that others


The dreams she once had slowly start to fade, along with all

the broken promises.

Each and every day she would get beaten and beaten for

anything she did.

A dream broken,

Hope slowly fading,

The many tears shed,

The pain not left to mend.

All the bruises she endured finally began to show.

All the secrets of her abusive family finally surfaced.

For this little girl had endured what she could.

And though her pain would soon end

She never got to break free of the betrayal and heartache that

caused her death.

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