She's Just As Good

June 17, 2008
By Moriah Potts, Temple, GA

Roses are red
But my world is black
Once you turn yo back you can be gone like that
Drugs on this corner
Sex on that street
I don't know what to do
I feel like I'm wrapped up in this heat
Gun fights come, and yeah they go
But there's no change in the way my wind blows
Just a young black girl livin in the ghetto
I see what I see
And I do what I do
But in the end I'm just as good as you
So don't toot yo nose up at me
And don't think you're better then me
Cuz in the end I'm just as good as you is that to hard for you to see
God put me in this world with a vision in mind
And i dont know what it is, but it'll be revealed in time
So until...I, you, we both know
I'll live my life to the fullest and so,
When i become famous and get big in this world
You can look back on this poem and say oh yeah
That's the girl

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