Last Dance

June 17, 2008
By Alexis Reid, San Antonio, TX

In the eclipse of the Milky Way
as the stars make their way down
will you still be here
holding my hand
as tight as before?
Or do you want more
if I'm not what you're looking for?

And when the raven calls out
its last sad song
in the wakes of the Winter Solstice
the sun will set
inn the eyes of those
who will not live
to see it rise
Will you be the last thing that reaches mine?
Will you be the last to say goodbye?
Light your lips
with a kiss from mine
and let the light that floods
around us
be left behind...

THE world is ending faster and faster
day by day
the ground beneath our feet is
becoming warmer and warmer
but the bittersweet cold we breathe in
just keeps getting harsher and harsher
burning our lungs
with every fresh breath
of polluted air.
And as we slowly come to our end
as everyone dies off
one, two, three
blood against blood
as arms are turned against us
in a battle of life against life
bullets aimed at nothing but corruption
there is only one thing that comes to sight's eye.

In the sun's final glory
in it's final wake
as it weeps for what it helped to create
for so long,
with the final twinkling mosaic lying high above our heads,
the stars' final voyage across the sky,
the time tick-tocks past us in melodic chaos.

And as the flames grace the ground
with one last dance
all i can see is you
and you alone.
And all that I can feel
is your hand
tightly clasped in mine,
a perfect fit.

And the roar of the chaos
is muted out
with a kiss that
helps me sleep soundly for
the first time.
No goodbyes are necessary
as the tides
dancing in the
moon's final grace
wait to
wash us

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