Shadow's Rest

June 17, 2008
Where our shadows are all that suggest we're really there
And hiding places are corners and cupboards under stairs
When the night's so dark you can cease to exist
The lights run out that's when your company's missed
In places like these its easiest to sleep
In the hours before dawn, real dreams are born
With little to do but break and be free
You wait... You wait up all night just to see
What becomes, of the blood in your veins
Day after day it speeds up it's pace
And can a change of heart cause a tidal wave
Of tears and lives that just can't be saved
From the cells in your skin that are gasping for air
To the patterns of switches you turn on when you're scared
Wake up each morning to gaze at the sky
Or wonder at Heaven just shining or sailing by
What's left to fear if you've lived through the worse
Broken hearts drawn on the lid of a hearse
Well I'm fixing some wings and I'm ready to soar
Through the gap
Through the window
Through the wide open door
When the curtains left open invite in the day
Where do our shadows go to rehearse their play
And when the sky is so blue and the road is so clear
It's easy to see how little's keeping me here
So goodnight to stars and hello to the sun
Shining over a war I already know that I've won.

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