flaws of perfection

June 17, 2008
By melissa mulligan, Hermitage, PA

He’s the one that taunts me daily,
He flaunts his beauty around me,
He’s a good boy, has a promising future,
But what does he want with me?
I try to show him my best,
But sometimes the best is hard to find,
He has a pure heart, his intentions all mean well,
He doesn’t know I’m losing my mind,
He’s perfect, a trait that’s my weakness,
‘cause so quickly perfection flaws,
And I am left again mistaken,
But who is left to catch my fall,
Then flaws turn into attraction,
Once again he’s perfect to me,
There’s a part of me, only a fraction,
That wishes I could be set free,
He amazes me every moment,
As I learn more about his true self,
And I wonder, can he see,
That which I so wish to tell,
Deep within my mind it plays out,
A bit similar to this,
We fall as one unbreakable fortress,
We fall into impenetrable bliss,
I’m happy, not regretful,
My purpose is clear to see,
I give my self away to that being,
That angel, that completion of me.

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