Broken Bridge

June 19, 2008
By Cody Baxter, Firth, ID

Walking the halls of this old love
I won't, I can't Turn it around!!
Even though it was a little pice of
heaven, Just the thought of it,
just, just, just; wait its like this:
" I wish i could have seen, what could have been, The bridge breaks between us!
Struck dumb in my tracks."
I fill Challenge right at hand, can't stop!
Got to jump, and fly through hells gate not stopping to see,
BUt picturing; A bueatiful girl whose name i can't quite hear!!
Forget all i said, but not the echo of the word's, "I love you." I hope this canyon Keeps those thoughts stuck in your heart.
If not!!!
I just can't figure out what that fimiliar voice Is!
Is love real or is it a made up fairy tale told by all but felt by few.
Fishing for that trophey, better than
any feeling. I'm waiting for what will be ,what was to be for me!

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