June 19, 2008
Enemies have seamlessly become second nature to myself
For fourteen years I have formed ample that they easily outnumber my crowns resting on a shelf
Im still weary to the question of whether these are more treasured then my pageant titles
Not due to the fact that I am aware of my many foes, but to know that I have stood my ground on subjects so vital
Up until now I would have manipulated myself to become something I am not
But with great time I have comprehended that fitting a certain mold is equivalent to a heart wounded with a gunshot
But that’s what life has come to sermonize
You’ve got to detect the sincerity throughout life’s over bearing lies
It’s not a skill promptly acquired
It takes struggles, failures, and defeat to even get your mind wired
Even those who have destined to hell and returned back
Have surrendered their soul to being hijacked
Some consider this skill one of luck or even fate
To me however, it is a mere measure of unveiling your heart so that God and it can mate
My heart has been exposed
Which gladly embodies my mind to be in a haven where it is positively enclosed.

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