Mama's Cooking

June 20, 2008
I longed for the crisp mature vegetables,
that depicted the colors of the rainbow.
They sat boiling helplessly in the crock pot,
each daybreak and nightfall.
My taste buds could not control the sensations in my mouth,
jumping like the freaks at the circus.
The delicious aroma escaped the lid,
and flooded my insides with cravings.
My appetite could not be restraint much longer,
soon enough I would be slobbering on my blouse.
Mama would then look at me with displeasure,
but would be gratified by my actions later.
I wouldn't trade Mama's cooking,
for all the sweets in the universe.
She rivaled the top chefs in the world.
Oh,the many dishes she could create!
It wouldn't be desirable enough for a king,
but it satisfied me,her sunshine.
I guess you can say I fell in love with,
Mama's Cooking.

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