You can't always fix what you've broken

June 20, 2008
By Lacey Meek, New Salisbury, IN

You can't always
fix what you've
it's not funny
and it's not a joke

they broke your heart
and they made you cry,
you don't understand
and you want to know why

they said they cared
and would never
say goodbye,
but then they walked
out the door

because they said they
couldn't take it anymore
so your left there with your
heart broken and
falling apart

and you'll try
to put together
what's left of your

until you notice
you're missing
a part,
the part they took
and never gave back

they ripped it out
and threw it away,
they said they'd never
come back and
to stay far away

so you just wait for
the pain to fade and
hope you'll find someone
else someday that will
love you and make you
feel the same way.

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