Waiting on the war

June 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Here I am waiting.
Waiting on the war.
Waiting for my brother to come back.
Waiting by the phone.
Waiting for him to call.
Here I am waiting.

Here i am wondering.
Wondering about the war.
Wondering about my brother.
Wondering by his bed.
Wondering why he had to leave.
Here I am wondering.

Here i am listening.
Listening to the war
Listening to the news.
Listening to people who have no clue.
Listening to wind blow thru.
Here I am listening.

Here i am proud.
Proud of those that fight in the war.
Proud of those that love those fighting.
Proud of my brother.
Proud of my country.
Here I am proud.

Here i am free.
Free because of people that fight.
Free because of people that work hard.
Free because of people who listen.
Free becuase of people who talk.
Here i am free

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