Date With a History Book

April 3, 2011
I pick you up ‘round 7:00
Hoping you won’t keep me up too late,
And I know that as hard as I try
You won’t let me forget our date.
I’d hoped to be able to go out,
But you’d rather a night inside,
So I’ve got nobody to talk to
And nowhere to hide.
You leave me in silence;
I can’t get in a word.
You talk for hours,
But your voice goes unheard.
All you ever talk about
Is everyone from your past.
Maybe someday you’ll pay attention to me,
But we’re getting nowhere fast.
You just keep me here
Till I’m an emotional wreck,
Leave me alone at the table
With the waitress and the check.
I just want to walk away
And never give you another look.
Then I realize I can’t go on without you.
Ugh… stupid history book!

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