April 3, 2011
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Some say black and white fingerprints clash
But if you ask me, the blend makes a whole,
An array of pride, may they not suppress
What’s inside; beautiful unified victory.
Together, through the weeds we dance
And rejoice! How lucky we are to be alive!

My mama always taught me, “be glad you’re alive,
Be grateful that the fierce lightning don’t clash
Right before your very eyes.” My mama’s whole
Thought; “don’t you dare hold back or suppress
What’s in your heart and your mind. Victory
Comes from inside; from learning how to dance.”

I never really knew quite how to dance
I’ve had two left feet for as long as I’ve been alive
But the rhythm of my music has never seemed to clash
Nor has the spirit in my heart that keeps me whole;
A pride I’ve never known how to suppress,
A power that’s consistently led me to victory.

But these battles don’t always end in victory
These hearts don’t always learn how to dance
So we teach them, regardless, to love being alive
To run through the pastures when the swords clash
To break apart a rusted circle in order to feel whole
To speak out, reach out, live out, and never suppress.

Sometimes, I feel as if I cannot help but to suppress
When I’m unable to find the battle lines of victory
Awaiting me, asking me secretly for a dance
But I cannot lose, I am too strong, I am alive
And well. Even if my battle scars seem to clash
With those self-inflicted; both made me whole.

As hard as I try, my heart is never whole
Longing for love; countless times I’ve tried to suppress
How lonely I am, I can see sketched the outlines of victory
In the pavement on which I used to dance
Not alone, always with others. I always felt alive
Even when my black and white shoes seemed to clash.

When my whole body shook, in need of a dance
With a victory so strong, I need not suppress
My happiness being alive, despite the world’s clash.

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BettyLou said...
May 16, 2011 at 2:52 pm
This is wonderful, Tess.
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