The Haunting

April 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I can tell a story
that sounds fiction
but is down right true,
When I was six,
I had a best friend
I gave her the nickname Rue,
She kept me save that year
Her eyes were the color of the sea
her hair was wavy and soft as the breeze it was cut cute,
and it was the color of a light brown, she was always as pale as a ghost, at times I thought she was,
She was a skinny little thing,
same age as me,
one day we were playing hide and go seek,
and I froze
when i found her on the street
The horror,
The heart break,
The hate I felt,
It was all my fault,
Four years later
I was found in a new school, city
and living a new life,
and ever sense then
I never saw her again
I was in my bed one night
and my light shut off
A cool breeze blew in
and I know it was her and her two year old brother, Grim, evil red eyes stared into mine
and all I heard was a scream,
and a trip back through time,
at that moment as my own
Rue took me back,
to the place where she died,
as her little brother cried,
I felt my heart break even more deep down inside
as i shed a wet rain drop
it hit the ground and i am back
in the right place and time but Rue
and Grim still had red eyes,
Why, did you do this to me?
I am lost I can't find the light
help me or you'll be next.
I died then or so I thought,
Her voice poisoned my insides,
was her new nickname
and for that she calls me big fame

The author's comments:
This is actually a quite true poem I was six when this happened it scared the crap out of me.

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