Sea-side Boredom

April 12, 2011

There once lived a child who dreamed of the sea
Of the brave land, unexplored and free
And twas this child, inspired by glee
Who sought out to explore what he’d not see

And out and about he built a vessel with wood
And glue and glitter and a sail as it should
Bring propulsion, or rather it would
Create a symbol of might and mood

Alas, as he reached the sand
He found the ocean so tameless and grand
A Blue blasting gray grashing white whooshing land
Untouchable by a MORTAL’S hand

So thus, before setting sail
He sent the boat out on avail
Steered by a teddy bear, his own holy grail
Whom soon seemed to worry and wail

For thus the waters had eaten
And destroyed and beaten
The dreams and wishes written
On a boat of wood thus smitten

With nothing else to do
Our boy sought something new.

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