In A Land..

June 16, 2008
By Yumna Zaidi, Bolingbrook, IL

In a land with plants and trees

In a land where you can never displease

In a land where there is no wrong

In a land where birds sing their song

In a land where there is no death

In a land with no last breath

In a land with no weapons, no knives, no dirks

In a land where people aren't jerks

In a land with no social class

In a land where men and women do not clash

In a land with no rules to ensure

In a land with no need to be mature

Where there is breeze all day, and stars all night

With the mates, there is no fright

In a land with friendship, long last

In this land, it has a mast

The highest peak, the highest tower

Where there is no higher power

In this land, as it plummets to sea

This is the land in which I want to be.

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