April 18, 2011
By Marsbutcher BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Marsbutcher BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
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Brothers, I declare are no fun!
All I wanted to do was play in the sun!
Then he came along and ruined my day.
So now, I’m going to make him pay.

Sitting there in my pretty white dress,
Playing with Dolly quite innocently yes.
When he came along and messed things up!
He had brought my set of teacups.

He asked if I wanted to have a tea party with him.
Delighted I acquiesced, going out on a limb.
“We have to have it in the backyard.” He said.
And I let myself be blindly led.

A table was already there.
But I had forgotten that the backyard was his lair.
I delicately took my seat,
And was amazed that everything was so neat.

My own brother organized this?
The thought made me feel bliss.
“I’ll be right back.” He declared.
And when he returned, I was quite unprepared.

A slap of mud hit my face.
And ran down my pretty dress lace.
More mud came flying at me!
Muddy dress and muddy skin was all I could see.

Crying, I blindly stumbled away.
Of course he didn’t want to play!
I had walked so ignorantly into a trap.
Like a mouse sitting on a cat’s lap.

Furious, I had to get revenge on him.
So I’ll go out on a limb.
Acknowledge his efforts, and play his way.
Dirty, mean, and unfair so to say.

Chuckling to myself I grabbed the hose,
Laughing at the mud that arose.
I took those pretty teacups,
And with mud, I filled them all up.

Quiet and stealthy, I snuck around the house
Where he was chasing a mouse.
“Hey bro think fast!” I screamed.
And with mud throwing, I was redeemed.

Each mud cup hit true!
And he didn’t even have a clue!
But he retaliated with his own.
Our war waged on, time unknown.

When both of us were out of dirt,
We looked at each other and laughed until it hurt.
My white dress in ruins, his clothes caked with earth.
Always best friends since birth.

The author's comments:
My brother is going away to college so I wrote this because even though we fought, we're still best friends. I'm going to miss him.

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This article has 1 comment.

on May. 19 2011 at 2:17 pm

Best friends since birth, brothers are wonderful!    

Marsbutcher, I enjoyed your poem.

Good luck with the competition. You have my vote! 


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