Our Generation

June 16, 2008
By Nicole Beisel, Denton, TX

Thirteen years I've been living this life of mine
Just following everyone else, in a single file line
But now it's time, for me to really act like me
I'm done with this, it's time for me to be free
No matter what anyone else thinks, I'm gonna be real
Speaking up about how I actually feel

All the problems people say have thay have to face
Are only about things as small as looks, feelings, or race
Women only care about how much they weigh
And men only listen to what their bosses have to say
Worst of all, Teens only care about what they wear
Or how they should do their hair

This world doesn't need another exact clone
Of everyone else my generation has ever known
What we do need, is some one to start a new trend
One where people don't have to put on a smile and pretend

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