April 12, 2011
By BBBBB BRONZE, Accrington,
BBBBB BRONZE, Accrington,
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Favorite Quote:
just because your living doesn't mean your alive

So close and yet so far away,
the void between us grows each day.
Like an uncontrollable weed in the earth,
who laughs at the flowers it kills with mirth.
And how could we have been so thick?
To not have grabbed the weeding stick,
and pinned the plants whilst they were small,
we could have stopped this mighty hole!
And in its place, a pruned flowers bed.
But weeds grow steadily instead.
Although we ought to halt the pests
we cannot seem to find their nests,
were they were first born in the soil.
So we carry on in angry toil,
and try to live around the weeds
which made us grow as separate seeds.

The author's comments:
not all friendships last forever right?

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