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April 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I have No Comment
Except this:
It is Obviously Hidden
That We’re All Alone

The Sharp Curves
Fade into Shapeless Figures
Like a Calm Storm
And a Happy Gloom

We’re Living in the Past
But the Future is Today
Say Goodbye to Tomorrow
And Hello to Goodbye

He was Clearly Misunderstood
The Ink is as Clear as Night
He shows the Civil War in his mind
And that it is Going Nowhere

Was he Quietly Insane,
Or Crazily Normal?
Whether it is
Confirmed Rumor
False Fact
Or Known Secret
We know he was Terribly Good

He Saw the Unexpected
Showed it in his Simplistic Intricacy
In his Colorful Blankness
At least we Know he’s Unbelievably Real

The author's comments:
For English class, we had to write a poem about a work of art. We had about five paintings to choose from. I chose Jackson Pollock, Number 1. I had thought about Pollock in the past, and I had never decided if I loved him or hated him. Different beliefs in me contradicted themselves when I thought of him. I value art and thought in art, so I saw his painting as a child's work. Then again, I enjoyed depth and hidden meanings in pieces that can be interpreted in many ways. I contradicted myself, so this piece is what Pollock is to me: doesn't make sense, confusing, all over the place, and contradictory.

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