a faded island

June 16, 2008
By tracy luk, Laval, ZZ

So here is the story of the fatalities
And the distortion on their own realties
With their whole life left to fear
Here lies a place where the hurt and wounded lie
A place to stand alone at the edge of time

Their tears have turned to dusk
And the happiness lingers in the shadows
Here they are locked into one place deep within the ground
Where their hurt is buried and change is no longer present

Their screams have been muffled by lies
And the numbness has covered the stabs inflicted into their broken lives
Disappointment has become a routine
And denial has been clothed in shades of grey

Kisses have turned fatal
And secrets are hidden behind their eyes
Walls shot down by words
Only to be rebuilt with the broken pieces of their dreams

Here lies a crowd with no more life
Their pictures have become faded, and torn
And their cries of help are lost within the crashing waves
Their hopes have been shattered like glass
And the sparkle has vanished from their eyes
They are left behind and forgotten
With the only thing left to hear is the silence of their phones
And the stillness that has engulfed their slowly beating hearts

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