Hall of Fame

June 16, 2008
In the dim light of the barn
Your blue eyes sparkle like Mt. Sapphires
Holding love in their clear depths
They shyly look down
The flush red creeps in your cheeks
The hint of a smile flickering
Long brown locks hide your eyes
It’s the color of the arena floor,
Which I’ve seen a great deal!

Your voice deep and rich
Is chocolate to my ears
Stroking Jigs, grooming to gleam
You whisper to her and come over to me
Standing over me, at six feet!
You lay your hand on Sascy’s mane
leaning in closer, I can smell your scent
Sweet alfalfa, and molasses grain

Whispering sweet nothings to me
You take my hand and we lead the girls
Back out to the trailer
Climbing in the truck,
I glance over at you,
The chords of muscle bulge
And the truck comes to life
I smile and crank the radio
The lyrics of I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing
Creep in with the morning lights.
And we talk of the race.

What seems like seconds
Is really hours
And I’m in the arena, running my race
I can hear you cheering
I’m not paying attention
When I run home,
I look right in your eyes,
You smile and say
Good Job Bubbles
I snap awake, and I all I do
Is smile.

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