My Godbrother

June 16, 2008
By francis curiel, Miami, FL

With eyes that shine across the room and cheeks that are so rosy.
He is cuddled up in my safe arms, and I know he feels cozy.
With ears that are so very small and lips that are so thin.
He is so cute you tend to get goose bumps on your skin.
With arms that look so big and fat he looks as if he is strong.
When doctors test him with other kids they feel like something is wrong.
With a tummy that is so very fat and filled with yummy food.
To take away his bottle will quickly change his mood.
With legs that are so filled with energy all he does is move.
And when he hears music on he dances to the groove.
With nails that are so nice and long and feet that are so wide.
He knows that he has special feet, and moves them with pride.
His laugh is big and extremely cute, so he is never sad.
His face looks so very innocent, therefore the opposite of bad.
He dwells in the Big Apple among many Yankee lovers’.
But it gets so cold in New York City, he is always wrapped in covers.
You can’t imagine the amount of love I have for this little boy.
And when he comes to visit me I will spoil him, toy after toy.
This adorable child is blessed with a spectacular father and mother.
And I am so proud to have Matthew Luis Bumbalo as my god brother.

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