The way things used to be

June 16, 2008
By Ellen Goetz, Denton, TX

Back when we were young
we didnt care what other people thought, we danced we sung
We didnt watch degrassi or gossip girl, we watched saved by the bell
We used phrases like you stink instead of go to hell
MC hammer was the best rapper not soulja boy
The best musical was grease, with danny, not high school musical with troy
We played Nintendo 64 instead of playstation 3
back before all the drama and stress we actually felt free
Back when watching disney movies were still cool
When we were little and carried plastic lunchboxes to school.

How we used to figure out our future using M.A.S.H.

When you still used disposable cameras and took a billion pictures because your mom forgot to turn on the flash
On a date you used to just sit outside and look at the stars.

Your parents went to a movie not a bar
Back when we still biked places instead of getting a ride
How we would stay at the park all day and still not want to go inside
I wish we could go back to the way it used to be
but sadly not many would agree with me.

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