Back in the day

June 16, 2008
By Ellen Goetz, Denton, TX

When we hear our grandparents say you know back in my day....
we just roll our eyes put on a fake smile and pretend to listen to what they say
The truth is our generation is afraid to be who we really are
We act unreal and fake and friendships dont go very far
we go from sterotypes to rumors to drama about last nights date
We cuss and scream at our best friends and all we can think of is hate
Eventually though if dont get our act together we'll lose the ones we love
You think its a joke, everything ive said, but all of it im so sick of
We drink and smoke and lie and cheat
We act so selfish and refuse to eat
The truth is our generation makes fun of all the rest
when in reality all we care about is who looks the best
So next time your grandparents use the phrase you know back in my day....
Sit down with a smile and actually listen to what they have to say

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