Just Another Day

June 16, 2008
The see-saw saw it all
A bright, crisp, sunny morning
Cool wisps of wind blew my hair away
Just another day in the park
With my sister and mother
Skipping school.

Soft cherry blossoms fluttered above me
The floral scent wafting in the breeze
I passed those trees with a ball in my hand
The pink Skip-It wrapped around my left ankle.

Cold, hard, plastic.
We walked over to a ditch as I let the dirt make clouds
While listening to the quiet clicks of the counter.

A little way past the grove lay a row of swings
With brown and rusty metal chains that rattled

And a seat pattern of red, blue, red, blue.

“Put me on the swing Mommy?”
“Are you sure you won’t be scared?”

How free it felt to swing back and forth

My sister’s voice told me what to do
“Tuck in when you swing back, and straighten when you go forward!”
I could do it.
I could swing myself.
It felt good.

We walked all the way to the green tinted creek.
Beautiful swans danced upon its surface.
They feasted upon the Wonderbread I threw to them
Bland and tasteless in their beaks.
The sunny morning reflected off the water.

“It’s time to go home.”
I didn’t want to leave.
Walking across the rubble in my plastic purple sandals
I looked up.

The cherry blossoms waved goodbye as I got into the car.

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