Waving Goodbye

April 11, 2011
By Kal44 BRONZE, St. Petersburg, Florida
Kal44 BRONZE, St. Petersburg, Florida
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There once was a girl,
In a small town by the sea.
That town was her world,
And that was all her world could be.

So that girl, she grew up
In a house in that coastal town.
For that was all she knew of,
That lonely small sea town.

Every day she would walk,
After awakening at an early hour,
To the longest extending dock,
Giving her feelings of power:

The power of wondrous escape
From that small coastal town,
From the monstrous steel gate
That was holding her dreams down.

For she wanted to be free, that girl,
Who lived in a small coastal town.
So she left by the sea for a new world,
Excited for new life to be found.

She bade farewell, that young girl,
To her parents in the town by the sea,
Saying, “This may be your world,
But it is not the world for me.”

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