Not Once

June 16, 2008
they dont get it

they'll never get it

the life you live

different from the life they live

the pain you feel

the depression, it hurts

they live there live perfectly





they laugh cause we are different

I laugh cause they are the same

when im depressed, I look at you

and I feel a mournful happiness wash over me

and for them I feel



pity of not knowing

what it's like

how to live,

how to feel

there life goes rushing by

in a gust of wind

yours goes slowly,

tickling by,

taking one step at a time,

breathing in each and every moment

like it was your last

but it might be though

you know tht, you've memerized it perfectly

we live life



not caring

they live life in a tense little bubble

keeping everything in

but we

we are different in so many ways

we bleed,

we cry,

we fly,

we die,

we feel, every moment differently then they

but they will never know

what it's means,

what its like

to live like we do


with sorrow in every single breath

but sometimes we live



not caring, I wish

but there laughter

makes us hold it in,

bottle it up

makes the pain worse and worse

we are capable of more

much more then they

but the bleeding,

the crying,

the flying,

the diying,

the pain,

the sorrow,

it never stops

not once, at all

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