Never To Happen Again

June 16, 2008
By Aryelle Young, Hampton, KY

Restlessly remembering recollections
Of optimistic honesty
Emotions eagerly expressed

Late-night longings linger
Wanting, wishing, wondering
Falsely feuled feelings

Left living lonely
Unlucky unless unexpected
Disappoinitng distractions disappear

Momentarily morosely melancholic
Disheartened, disgusted, discouraged
Missing marvelous memories

Heart heedlessly hopes
Irritably, irresponisibly irrational
Provides perfect pincushion

Harden hateful heart
Produce proficient protection
Against all attractions

Stay solitarily single
Independent, introverted, intelligent
Never know negligence

Begin being better
Exist elgantly elusive
Quietly, comfortably cold

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