No Right Turn

June 16, 2008
By Kara Titus, Ridgewood, NJ

‘No right turn’
The sign reads to me
I see happy people,
Businessmen, dog walkers
Carrying their coffee and lugging a backpack
It’s slow on Sundays
Stores closed, quiet and serene.
The weather expands the depressing scenery
It clears the town out more.
Dead trees swaying in the chilly air
The only building with a light on is
A therapist’s office
Of course.
I should get to work
The aroma of pizza and
My angry Italian boss
Await my arrival.
But why can’t I make a right turn
In my life?
When will this long road
Take me the right way?
I’m spiraling to the left
Diagonally, straight, and in circles.
Every way but the right one
I have been unable to find
The path to the right way, the correct way
In a very long time.

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