June 19, 2008
The smoothness of his skin,
the dimple in his chin,
so amazing how he makes me feel,
and yet im speechless in what to say.
Could this all be real?

It's the softness of his lips,
the tenderness of his kiss,
I don't think I could ever let this one get away,
but still I'm so speechless in what to say.

It's the way he looks at me,
with his sparkling eyes gazing at me,
they make me drowned in this water that's not even to be found anywhere around.
It's the voice I hear in the middle of the night, when I take in sounds that make my heart skip and bounce.

and now I've realized,
that I'm not so speechless,
not so unpredictable.
I've been describing something the whole time,
It's called love,
and I think I've found the right one!

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