The Girl Thats so Far Away

April 12, 2011
By Schrimpfboat BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
Schrimpfboat BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
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I’m only two hours away from your house
swelling emotions on me are doused
emotions of happiness, sadness, and excitement
they give me a form of enlightenment
oh how you’re so close

but so far away.
Happiness, what a fascinating emotion
just thinking of you is a wonderful notion
the joy I get when you’re within my grasp
I wish my arms around you I could wrap
I love when you’re so close
yet you’re so far away.

Excitement, how you fuel it
if only somehow I could contain it
this bubbly feeling what a curious thing
oh how when you’re around this feeling clings
you’re so close
yet so far away.

Sadness, how the tears are falling
I am looking for you, your name I’m calling
the weekends over, time for goodbyes
why can’t you see how I feel about you
inside my soul starts to cry
my words are few
I get into the car
You were so close
but now so far

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