June 17, 2008
A metallic smell filled the air
The silver of the blade mad a swift movement
Crimson melted the battlefield
One day
Some day
It all would end

That day
It came
The smell, once again filling the air
How ironic
You're beaten at your own game
As the silver of the blade makes a swift movement

Crimson, Red
They all meant one thing
It seeped out of your fingers
And trickled down your neck
And dried down your chest
The wound, it will never heal

A melancholy aura filled the air
As you felt the wound closing
You wished the fire would take you in
Because heaven was not a place for you

You lived
Through agony and betrayal
And one day, it would all happen again
You would see the liquid
Only next time
It wouldn't be coming from you

You took in the surroundings
Green, Healing
Why did you deserve this?
Why did an angel always come instead of a reaper?

You see
A white flurry of wings
As the rain pours down and the thunder whimpers
The angels are crying, you think
Emotions have died inside a long time ago
So this thought brings out the tears of once shed

The dress
It cascaded down the battlefield
Pink strands lay limp on her shoulders
A seething heart
A graving pain
The wings shedding there feathers

That melancholy aura once again filling the air
As you grave over once said
And once done
Once given
And once taken
But most of all, once loved

You know that face,
The porcelain skin,
The tear-stained cheeks,
The bright pink hair
And the illuminated emerald eyes
Maybe the angel was here to take you to heaven

But no
You see green
It is not what you want
So you scream
Once and for all, you scream

Her eyes fill with tears
You remember them so well
She whispers your name through the darkness
And walks into a tunnel of light
You follow
And what stands before you is heaven

The marshmallow clouds
The withering feathers, once dead, back to life again
The aloof aura
It wasn't meant for you
The burning sensation was supposed to overcome your body
And take you down into the dirt you deserved

But your angel
Your cherry blossom
She took you
She wanted you
And here before you
Is where you shall stay

Until one evening
Darkness will overcome you
And the crimson will take over your senses
And a death god you shall transform
But for now
Your withering wings and seething heart shall fly...

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NikkiSmiles said...
Mar. 14, 2009 at 9:31 pm
Wow, this is amazing. You're such a good writer, I love the angst. They should definitely put this in the magazine! :D
Sexiii-Lympiii said...
Oct. 16, 2008 at 5:16 pm
this poem rox like socks ur awsome like the poem
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