I'm Sorry

January 11, 2008
By Courtney O'connor, Moundsville, WV

I’m sorry for that night.
The night I wish to forget.
But cant, because of the phone calls and birthday cards.

I’m sorry you left and never came back.
Your never here, I’m never there.
But I can bear.
Can you?

I’m sorry you don’t love her.
So why did you marry?
It doesn’t make sense.

I’m sorry I don’t have you in my life.
I haven’t seen you in six years.
But I moved on.
Did you?

I’m sorry for all your lies.
All the broken promises.
Why did you make them, if you couldn’t keep them?
Did you even want to keep them?

I’m sorry you won’t be there.
To see me, to see her.
So why do I care?

I’m sorry about the cards and gifts.
It wont change the fact that your not here.
Do you even see what you’re doing to me?
To us?

I’m sorry for the money, which you spend on the gifts and cards.
It was a waste.
You need money for booze and to pay her.
That’s clearly why she’s with you.

I’m sorry for all your drunken mistakes.
She must have been one, or you would still be here.
I think that I’m one too.

I’m sorry for your life, which is clearly down the drain.
I still don’t know why you waste your time.
You could spare her the misery, but you chose to slowly kill her on the inside instead.

I’m sorry that I used to dream about killing you one day.
To end your and her pain that you are both blind to.
To end my suffering.
I would be better off.

I’m sorry for the never ending book that you started.
It was just a waste of energy.
You could have used it on yourself.

I’m sorry for all the years that I wasted my time hoping you’d some day return.
Now I know that was a waste
Because now I know you’ll never come back.

I’m sorry for all the harsh things I’ve said and done.
I’m sorry for this poem, that which probably hurts you.
But I’m not sorry that I still love you,
no matter what they say.

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