April 8, 2011
By jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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I see your face, when you walk alone.
A single thing, just one tiny detail, makes my heart drop.
A teardrop drops from your eye.
You are crying.

Through the meadows we skip laughing, running, enjoying time.
In the theater, we sit back, eat the popcorn, laugh at the characters on the screen.
We wade in the water, waiting for evolution to kick in.
We laugh.
We love.
We live.
You cry.
I cry, for you.
I see your face, as you walk alone, why do you cry, I still love you.
As the rain penetrates your fragile soul, I scratch at my shell, trying to escape,
to save you. I love you.
I run to you, I pull my hood off and you hear me coming,
you duck and run.
I scream for you, I want you to be with me.
I know it's better than being alone.
I catch your arm and see your face is even redder,
because I see you.
I lean in and when I turn my voice box on,
It's broken, My words stumble and fall.
The rain is the mud on my tires,
forcing me to use up my energy to go, when I can't.
I find myself sobbing,
I'm looking into a mirror, at you.
What happened?
We were so happy.
We still are, we are together.
I open my mouth once more and nothing comes out,
You put a gentle hand on my shoulder,
To make me stop trying.

The evil step mother is ahead when the story begins,
But did you ever hear of the princess who never found her prince?

When I pause, you lean in to me.
I close my eyes, hoping for the best.
Your neck rests on my shoulder, and we hug, for hours.
The sky never cleared. Not for a second.
We sat there, in a sopping heap of emotion,
until you realize, the storybook ending, is happening to us,
right now.

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