January 11, 2008
True disappointment can only be found in what we have not tried,
But why then are we so afraid of failure?
The disappointment from failure is not true disappointment, but only superficial,
For in that case at least an effort was made.
But is that effort enough? Is it enough to stave off the sinking feeling of disappointment?
Everyone fails at some time, at some thing, so everyone is disappointed at some time.
So why do we keep getting up time and time again,
Keep risking our dignity in the face of disappointment.

Fear is the problem, and the answer.
It is the ultimate challenge, the true final frontier.
It is the one thing that binds us all, the one common denominator in life.
It is unavoidable, yet not insurmountable.
There are those who embrace fear, who use fear,
Manipulate it in its purest form, and conquer it.
For once one has defeated fear, one is truly free.

The human spirit astounds me, it really does.
As to how those who often fail manage to endure it,
And to those who have nothing left to fear, even fear itself.
It inspires me, it really does,
Gives me a sense of hope that I can fail, be disappointed, afraid,
And somehow, someway, succeed.

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