A Visit From The Butterflies

April 8, 2011
By les127 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
les127 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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Taking that first step onto the stage
So many people in my view
I feel myself shaking as the butterflies arrive
The audience cheers my name
My friend’s screams I can hear so clearly

But somehow even over the screams of my friends
All I can think about are the butterflies
So many of them… Maybe hundreds
Bright yellow with speckles of black
Their beauty as bright as the color on their wings

This is it, my chance to shine
Time to allow my voice to be heard
But the presence of these butterflies leaves me speechless
If only I could take control of them, take a hold of them
This is my stage not theirs but their beauty is intimidating

The piano begins to play as the drums are heard
Now I have to try to over come my loss of speech
Someone screams my name extremely loud
That’s what breaks me from the trance I’m under
And now the butterflies are no longer in control

Raising the microphone to my mouth I then sing out
At that moment the butterflies fly away
And my courage to sing is stronger than any other day
Moving around the stage to the beat of the drum
I can’t help but feel like this is where I belong

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