Falling in Love

January 10, 2008
Falling in love…
That one little word that I thought
I wasn’t capable of
It feels better than I imagined

Leaving me breathless for air
Shy but at the same time bold
Giggling too much, but I don’t care
Love is blind, or so I am told

More than just one exact emotion,
Cleansing like rain, it is completion
As boundless as the deepest ocean
It defies both logic and any explanation

I would have never thought
I could take that plunge, the leap
Look at what love has brought
The reason I can’t seem to fall asleep

Hidden emotions had longed to be uncovered
The something that was just over that horizon,
Waiting patiently to be discovered,
Is no longer unreachable to me

For this most people search long and hard
To finally feel that certain magic
In the form of a hug, a kiss, a Valentines card
How did I ever survive without it?

Leaving my loneliness behind
A promise now fulfilled
Something to preserve in my mind
My heart is no longer empty

They say it won’t last until forever
And maybe someday we won’t still be together
But my heart has no fear whatsoever
No one in the world matters more than you

This is real and it’s here to stay
Of this I have not one doubt
When I’m daydreaming away
Who else could I be thinking about?

“Love is powerful”— how can it be?
Neither tide nor storm can take it away
Because it’s protected deep inside of me
Safe within my heart

Falling in love…
I can feel it start to surround me
From the earth below to the sky above
And I realize that I’m truly falling in love

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