January 10, 2008
The heart can feel-
Love, happiness, joy,
Anguish, desperation, sadness

But whatever emotion
It’s the hand that acts
the sentiment out

A hand that cradles the tender head
Of a newborn.
The firmly clasped hand that sandwiches
A shaking hand in need

Clenching so tightly that you can see
The white of the knuckles
The hand can feel anger too.

Or even boredom,
As it systematically cracks knuckles
Or rythmatically taps a surface

In times of need
A hand is there, reaching out,

When there is joy
The hand is there too-
Thrown back in the air
Number One signal reaching high

A shaking hand walks a daughter
Down a Church aisle
In exuberance are hands are our second mouth
Twisting, exclaiming, waving, expressing

Whatever the time,
The occasion,
The feeling
A hand can express it

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