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April 7, 2011
By Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
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" Life ticks on time turns to dust collecting in the corners you forgot even existed"-Me
" And soon enough the time will tell about the circus in the wishing well"- Jimi Henrix
"I am the lizard king I can do anything"- Jim Morrison

I saw your face in the mirror today , it really made me cringe. It looked like you'd bee on an eating binge. I saw your reflection in a window walking in the rain , Did you see the look in my eyes? You and all your lies. I stood out in the pouring rain just to cry, I'm not a some fly you can swat off your windshield . I saw you On my computer screen as I was writing this . All I ever wanted but you pushed me away, I hope your happy with yourself because you I will not miss

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