Thunder Storm

April 7, 2011
By Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
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Days to weeks I toss and turn in my sleep, I dont hear anything even when the window pains shatter. I only wake up when I feel a splash the rain pours splash, splash. The rolling thunder in the distance, lightening strikes the ground as the tree catches on fire. The wind starts to blow the windows rattle like the ground after a huge hurd of cattle. The sky goes dark as i see a purple spark, the dog starts to bark. The room goes pitch black the electrcity went down, there wasnt even a light at the kwikie-mart. i open my phone but its out of power im stuck in the middle of a huge rain shower . The ground starts to shake like a mini earth quake but its to late . The tree goes in half as its stricken to the ground in defeat, i cover my ears to tune out the sound. The night creaps by and fades on into the morning with the orange sun and a clear sky

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