January 10, 2008
Bitter resentment that cannot escape the owner’s lips
A hidden poison that seeps through the veins
Cold blooded, but secret hostility to many
More than just a simple grudge--a spirit of vindictiveness and maliciousness
The many appalling and complex emotions hidden in perhaps the worst Sin of all:

A hatred, a loathing to those who have so much more
Those who happen to be blessed as smart, athletic, talented creatures
The Envious One can only glare in misery
Too cowardly and proud to let any emotions show through
And too weak, too wretched to simply accept the harsh but undeniable truth.
Wasting away, being brutally torn up inside
Until the only feeling left is the one of abhorrence and detestation
And perhaps just the slightest hint of shame

The Envious One, although so worldly
Is yet too blind to see in front of their eyes
The words and influence of the friend, the family, the mentor
Are lost upon the one wholly engulfed in detestation and revenge.
If only they can see how many astonishing gifts they possess.
If only they can see how they too are truly unique and belong in the world just as much
If only they can pull themselves up from the deep and dark hole they have fallen into
If only...

But no.
Just as the teenager never listens to the parents
So too can the envious one only learn from heartbreaking consequences
The damage is over and done with.
Perhaps the aftermath was so ghastly that the memories can never fully heal.
Envy, despite what many of its staunch followers might say
Will never end in happiness or joy
To crave, to desire, to wish for unreachable heights and things
Can only result in grief and sadness.
And, unfortunately, too many of its hapless victims
Can only learn this essential but disregarded information
First-hand and utterly alone.

So will Envy truly be the end of all things beloved?
No, it is merely a bittersweet moment in a long and eventful life.
Bitter because it causes unimaginable anguish and misery
And can shatter a life into bits and pieces
But sweet as well.
Because, in the end, once the lesson is learned
A happily-ever-after still exists.

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