April 8, 2011
By psheewar BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
psheewar BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The steaming sun perches high in the cloudless sky
Shining its sizzling rays upon us
Grass greener than ever
All insects out in full force, ladybugs, stinkbugs, and bees, everywhere
Pools packed to the brim:
Women sunbathing
Lifeguard’s eyes glued to the water
And young kids shout with joy as they sprint around the pool and jump in.
Park crowded all summer long:
Kids running and playing on the playground,
Teens playing basketball,
And baseball fields full with “Little League” baseball games.
Ice cream stores busy
Air conditioning blasting
People trying to escape the blazing heat
Until sunset:
When the sun seeps below the horizon
And is gone until the next day!

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