Garnwick's Law

April 1, 2011
By TheAuthor95 GOLD, Indian Land, South Carolina
TheAuthor95 GOLD, Indian Land, South Carolina
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A wicked slash came so near to his throat.
Garnwick’s enemy would not cease to gloat.
Near death befell Garnwick as he lost hope.
Husk of a man at the end of his rope.
Help tell the tale, oh great muses of truth,
Of the days before now, lost in our youth.
A likely story befitting a man,
Garnwick the lawyer, who made his last stand.
A case filled with liars, beggars and thieves,
Merchants and scoundrels on lazy dusk eves.
Of judges and judgments judged by old frogs.
A sentence to prison to live with hogs.
Garnwick stood boldly, his words a sharp sword.
His shield as evidence against the horde.
But Lipit, a man of words much less kind,
Stormed though the doors to the battle of minds.
Drawing a sword much more sharper than tongue,
Mallet met gavel, the trial begun.
Not an army made motion to charge through,
But rather held dear to all that they knew.
Palms were now sweaty, spectators at side,
One by one they spoke to see who had lied.
And Lipit, relentless, spoke out of turn,
The stomachs of men his voice would soon churn.
But Garnwick was smart, a fool he is not.
Shielding his mind while Lipit’s speech grew hot.
Deceiving lies spread around the room fast,
Pure thoughts from the judge so soon would not last.
But to save a man from certain dismay,
Garnwick drew his sword and entered the fray.
An instant of truth and pure clarity
Is all that’s needed to stop vanity.
Intelligence like no other he had.
A brilliance that made Lipit most mad.
Many a witness or plaintiff alone
Knew he had courage far beyond our own.
Such things poured from his mouth just like soft silk
Discrediting Lipit and all his ilk.
But Lipit would not fall down to his knees.
He would drown out Garnwick’s passionate pleas.
Shouting and screaming a lie told so well,
He shoved off Garnwick and watched as he fell.
A blade to his throat Garnwick dared not cry
And knew on this day that he would not die.
But Lipit was secured and bound by hand
By a force of the law, supreme and grand.
The judge had seen straight through Lipit’s dark ruse.
He thanked Garnwick by paying him his dues.
Saving a man from false accusation
Names this case solved with justification.

The author's comments:
A short Epic Poem set in Heroic Couplet and coming to a total of 50 lines. Written for Creative Writing class.

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