Deathly Fight

April 1, 2011
By Anonymous

There she was, getting herself hit
Her bones were breaking bit by bit
She hoping to not get killed
For her parents will get billed
I pray the muse make my poem complete
With her big heart never to beat
She never wanted this day to come
She was first hit by her mum
Then she was hit by her friends
Everything is falling on ends
Her bones breaking more and more now
Forcing her to have to now bow
First to break were her big fat feet
The breaking was worse to come yet
She felt like she was hit by boulders
The breaking went to her shoulders
Beginning to yelp hurting so bad
Now remembering her first dad
How he touched her making it hurt
And how he threw her in the dirt
She was fighting for her own life
Then a girl pulled out a knife
She was going for her very neck
It was her flesh the girl wreaked
The girl now getting off of her
Now everyone will shall infer
The young girl is now dead forever
In the nasty and cold, wet weather
No one has not even but a care
For what now shall come is the bear
The bear shall eat the young one’s flesh
And make her flesh all but mesh
Right on his cue, the bear now comes
Stepping like a giant, fe fi fo fomes
The bear now sitting beside her
Not a bit scared this is for sure
Him tearing both of her legs off
Not ever even trying to be soft
Eating her piece by piece, bite by bite
You could hardly tell she was white
Her body now is all apart
No one else wanted any part
Of her now there is much less
Her body now is so grotesque
The ground, looking so nasty now
With everyone knowing how
Oddly, something begins to start
In all the mess, is her small little heart
Her heart is completely going
Not a chance of it ever slowing.

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