January 10, 2008
you must be an artist, drawing the blinds to make the mood more intimate
drawing inspiration from your low budget fantasies
you, with your pencil in hand
working up to the climax of your piece

you're drawing life from me, mr. artiste
everyday you're there, sucking me through a straw
making sure you get every last drop
i'm left drained, wondering when this aching will stop

you draw from a well and offer me a drink
everytime i take sip, i get sick
but i'm addicted, so i keep coming back for more
i can't help it, i'm drawn to it

i've drawn the conclusion that you love me still
even though you won't admit to it or allow it
you and i, we're both so unfulfilled
we're drawn to each other and there's no resisting it

we drew our cards, we drew straws
seems like we keep picking each other
out of all the others, we keep losing to each other
but i guess it's just the luck of the draw

stop drawing your sword in defense
let me in and gain some sense
i'm the only one who'll ever have you
don't shield the possibility out of youth

i drempt of us, happy and smiling
lip-locking, yours were the lock, mine were the key
the perfect fit, we unlocked the secret
we are magnets, opposite poles, drawn together

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