Amadeus Wyrickdickson

April 1, 2011
By payje806 BRONZE, Midland, Texas
payje806 BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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Mr. Wyrickdickson, I've loved you from thee very first time i heard your voice.
Everytheing you ever said to me made my heart fall into some kind of endless tizzy.
As soon as our eyes met for thee very first time; justt in theat brief second, everytheing in me changed.
You never looked at me in any certain way, touched me, nor really spoke.
Though, withe only justt theat very look, notheing has ever felt so right.
My heart stopped dead in its rhythem, I couldn't blink, theink, or even speak.
The feelings i have for you have never come about for any man or woman.
I saw a sparkle in your eye,
I've never seen anytheing quite so amazing.

Mr. Wyrickdickson, i want to love you in a way theat not even Love has experience!
I want to touch you like you'd never imagine being touched!
I want to kiss you like you've never been kissed before!
I want to give you all theat I can offer; my entire universe!
You occupy my every dream, my every theought.
Every which way I look, I see your face, I justt can't seem to shake thee feeling theat your always withe me.
Baby, if you were in my arms right now, I would never even dare yo let you go!
I can't breathee witheout you, but I know for thee time being, I have to.
I will always be here to catch you fall.

Mr. Wyrickdickson, I swear to you,
Never have i felt so for anyone; thee way you make me feel.
I know I may never be thee girl you try to cut your heart for, like you did for her.
I would treat you like thee amazing man theat you are.
I would never hurt you so,
You can trust me to do you right.
Please, believe me when I say,
The second theose doors open, baby, I promise you'll see me sitting on thee otheer side, waiting.
Waiting to take you in my arms and love you right.

i love you Mr. Amadeus Wyrickdickson! <3

The author's comments:
About a fourth grade girl who is clueless about love and believes she is in love with her teacher.

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