January 10, 2008
By Emily Chadwick, Smithfield, RI

Horror and terror,
Fear in childrens eyes
As bullets pierce through the skies.
People from an unfamiliar land fill the street
As people fall down in defeat.

Screams and shrieks fill the air
How is this fair?
Innocent people hurt
With their faces down in the dirt;
Bombs going off this way and that

As buildings get knocked down flat.
Picture this as you sit in your fancy houses
Wearing your nice and frilly blouses.
You could be in those peoples shoes
With your life to lose.

Because this war with Iraq
Could have easily been here right behind our back.
But we were lucky, werent we?
There is no war here and we are free.
No dictator with evil ways

With no sleep for days
As people cry and weep
For loved ones lives they cannot keep.
We all hope this war ends
So America and Iraq can mend.

Some soldiers will come back home;
While other families will stay alone.
Feeling broken and defeated,
That their lives are uncompleted
Because their families are no longer whole.

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